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Here are some tips for making mowing easier and keeping your grass looking great all summer long.

Be sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades tear the grass, making it more prone to disease. Sharpen your blades several times during the summer.

Mow slowly. Zipping around the yard with the mower leaves a wavy, uneven lawn in your wake, and often you miss bits of grass. Slow and steady wins the lawn care race.

Mow in a different direction every mowing.
This keeps your lawn nice and even.

Water the lawn during the driest part of summer to keep the lawn green and attractive. Once a week, run your sprinklers for an hour or two in each area. The best time to water is in early morning. The worst time to water is at night.

Cut back on fertilizing in spring and summer. Nitrogen fertilizer is great for greening up the lawn, but too much causes yellowing, overly rampant growth, and diseases. Always follow label directions.