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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Roof and Gutters Clean your gutters and drain pipes of leaves and debris. Your drain pipes should be positioned so that any precipitation drains away from your house. Check your roof for any missing shingles or damage. You also need to check your ceilings indoors for any water damage or leaks around windows, vents and

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Guide to Hardwood Flooring

As you plan your home improvements, think long-term by making choices that are informed and financially sound. The American Hardwood Information Center suggests hardwood flooring―one of the best long-term investments to be made. It is environmentally friendly, forever fashionable, and will last for generations. Solid Hardwood Flooring Solid hardwood flooring is just that―a solid plank

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Sales Tax Holiday and Tax Credit

Virginia Sales Tax Holiday this Weekend Virginia is conducting a sales tax holiday this Columbus Day Weekend (October 8-11) on Energy Star and WaterSense Qualified Products. To qualify, each item purchased must cost $2,500 or less and be for personal, noncommercial use.  Qualifying Energy Star products include air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, ceiling fans, washing machines, programmable thermostats,

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End of Summer Home Maintenance

August is a transitional month. Summer is winding down, and preparations have begun for the school year. Now is a great time to examine your home and take steps to get ready for colder weather. Check your hot water heater and the surrounding areas for leaks, rust, or corrosion. Check lines and connections. Look underneath the

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Here are some tips for making mowing easier and keeping your grass looking great all summer long. Be sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades tear the grass, making it more prone to disease. Sharpen your blades several times during the summer. Mow slowly. Zipping around the yard with the mower leaves a wavy,

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10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Leave yourself time to go out and play in the sunshine by getting these things done now: Check for loose or leaky gutters. Improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space. Make sure downspouts drain away from the foundation and are clear and free of debris. Low areas in the yard

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Home Renovations that Pay

The Smartest home Renovations are the least Visible: Homeowners are spending more than they did last year on renovations. But trophies of the housing boom—granite countertops, bamboo floors—have been supplanted by utilitarian improvements such as insulation……. read article: