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Maybe it seems counter-intuitive to invest in remodeling your home just before you put it up for sale, but wise remodeling choices offer a great return on investment.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two critical areas that impact how prospective buyers view your entire home. Out-of-date kitchens and bathrooms can literally scare off prospective buyers. But modern kitchens and updated bathrooms increase the appeal of a home, and such remodeling investments quickly pay for themselves.

Kitchen Considerations
For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and people often use their hearts to make a buying decision. A dark, outdated kitchen will cast a shadow over the rest of your house. Assess your kitchen’s condition with a critical eye. Does it need a complete remodel or will simple improvements, such as updating cabinet hardware and adding a fresh coat of paint be sufficient?

Bathroom Considerations
Modern buyers are looking for spacious bathrooms that have an attractive, functional layout. Before you bring a potential buyer in to tour your home, update the fixtures and take care of stained tubs, chipped tiles, outdated vanities, and cluttered surfaces.

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